Apocalypso Acronycal

Afrofraktal is an aggressive/progressive/noise funk/ hip hop team. "Apocalypso Acronycal" (interactive CD) is the dual coast collaboration between underground innovators R/KainBlaze and Muata25 (formerly known as Blast Murray). System subversion undulates through experimental soundscapes and politically vulgar lyrics strung together with disjointed rhythms.Experimental, challenging and redefining, "Apocalypso Acronycal" is the continuing roar of the iconoclast.

The album was recorded via the internet from the home bases of South Bronx, New York and South Central Los Angeles. The tracks communicate revolution in unique ways refusing to be defined by a supposed "east" or "west" coast sound - or even the straight-jacket hip hop production tone. The polarizing production style/sound is raw and more akin to early Funkadelic, dub plate, and the albums of the early and mid 1980s hardcore (Bad Brains, The Minute Men). The album resonates a clanging industrial vibe reflective of societal chaos.

Muata25 is a session musician, programmer. He has performed in productions by 'Tony' award winning director George Wolfe. He has toured with the Talking Heads, and Terence Trent D'Arby. He has worked with producers Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Conny Planck, Martin Ware, and Rene Tinner. He has music in films by Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. R/Kain Blaze is an artist who has won international animation awards, published the magazine "Freestyle" and founded the legendary L.A. rap showcase the "Good Life".

In addition to the music, the interactive CD contains lyric transcription, bio, production notes, and a video of an additional song.

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